Thursday, July 07, 2005

Old, but still worth posting

Today I was thumbing through some of the pictures I keep and rotate for my desktop wallpaper. Mostly I have humorous pictures, since I'm at work and I need every shred of humor I can get during the day. I came across one that is both funny and true considering today's events in London. This is a smaller shot of a billboard in Hollywood, California. I was told that 2 or 3 of these with different "celebs" were erected just days after the 2004 presidential re-election. Most of them were vandalized on a daily basis. Ah... the spirit of the left shines through with compassion and inclusion, doesn't it? But, the gentleman who purchased them had a team ready to go and repaired any damage from the night before. There was George on the next day, ready to greet every hippy and fuming Hollyweird liberal that drove by. I don't even want to ponder what this country would be like under john f'ing kerry. I don't really think that we'd have a 9/11 type attack every other day with him. I'm not saying that. But I believe we are safer as a nation under the leadership of President Bush. So, just out of fun, I will say I am thankful for the Hollyweird elite believing they were speaking for everyone in condemning America's choice for the next four years. With the exception of your butt licking lackeys and yes men, only the smallest percentage of humanity gives a damn what you say or do, or would be influenced by what was said. But, I appreciate all you say and do by showing America what ass clowns you really are. Didn't many of you threaten to leave the country if Mr. Bush won the first time? Someone want to tell me why most of you are still here the second time around? Small, but important note: Say a little prayer for those hurt or killed today.


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