Monday, July 11, 2005

File these in the "Obvious" drawer

Just some basic headlines... 1. Bush finds no friends at networks By Jennifer Harper THE WASHINGTON TIMES July 11, 2005 http://www.washtimes.com/national/20050710-110047-2712r.htm President Bush just can't win with the broadcast networks. More than two-thirds of the news stories on ABC, NBC and CBS covering the first 100 days of Mr. Bush's second term were negative, according to an analysis released today by the District-based Center for Media and Public Affairs (CMPA). (Snip) In comparison, President Clinton's first-term news coverage was 59 percent negative in 1993 -The MSM. What a big bag of nothing they have now. ----- 2. Japan racism 'deep and profound' http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/4671687.stm -You ain't never seen "cultural pride" until you've witnessed the pecking order of Japanese to Korean to Vietnamese. These folks can be brutal in how much they despise the other. ----- 3. U.S. workers say they waste 2 hours a day http://reuters.myway.com/article/20050711/2005-07-11T130717Z_01_N11381607_RTRIDST_0_NEWS-LIFE-WORKERS-WASTE-DC.html BOSTON (Reuters) - U.S. workers say they squander over two hours a day at the workplace, with surfing the Web, socializing with co-workers and simply "spacing out" among the top time-wasting activities, according to a survey released on Monday. -Only 2 hours? These people are amateurs. I can waste 2 hours wandering around the office. ----- More younger (AFRICAN: my insert) children are having sex - survey http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=15&art_id=vn20050710123619850C495299 By Juggie Naran One out of every three children is having sex at the age of 10, and 17 out of 100 will deliberately spread the virus if they know they are HIV-positive. -And Bob Geldolf (Live 8) wants us to help them? May I ask why? God pity the people, but when you live the way they live: ie. refusing to move into the 21st century, let alone the 18th, it's time to turn off the water hose at that end of the slip and slide. ----- One more: Study: 6.5M South Africans May Have HIV http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20050711/ap_on_re_af/south_africa_aids_1 - Attention Bob Geldof, in words you can understand, Sod Off! You want the world to continue tossing money into a pit that under regular laws of nature would have been extinct years ago? I'll give you one better, Bob, you personally go to each country in Africa where corruption and slavery are rampant, aid in the process of removing the murderous, thieving regimes that have dug the money pit known as Africa, and I'll give you every dime I own. I don't have the money you do, but I guarantee you'll never see cent number one from me. Yeah, I know you don't want money, but humor me. Help remove the blood thirsty dictators that squander any aid sent to them, and maybe I'll think you really do care about the people who are dying


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