Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It Took Them Long Enough

france is tightening standards for immigration and naturalization. Now, (and I shudder to say this) maybe the U.S. can learn a lesson from the Brie-buggerers and be selective with who enters the country. The one thing that still sets me on edge though, is the tired phrase usage by the MSM. Terrorists are not terrorist, they are "freedom fighters." An example of this line of thought is used in the story below to describe the rioters who almost tore france apart a couple of weeks back. They are simply called "disaffected youths of African or Arab origin." WTF? Look... disaffected youth listen to Marilyn Manson, or maybe Green Day if they're feeling happier while on Zoloft. Hoodlums and terrorists (which these animals in france are) fire bomb cars and businesses. This disaffected crap has gotten me seriously PO'd. At what point did we become so afraid of offending thugs by calling them what they are? No wonder newspaper subscription are at an all time low. The MSM can't even report a story correctly when they feel they must dance lightly around the subject matter. How this issue holds up in france will be fun to watch. Bush is also angling for something similar here in the U.S., but he's being very wishy-washy about it. I love the guy, but you can't help feel that he's hedging himself somewhere by still keeping the guest worker program on the table. Here's an idea for Mr. Bush: Shut the border down, build a fence, deport everyone here ilegally, and then see where the market demands workers. If there's a gap between the work and the available American workforce, you then allow more workers to enter. The problem, of course, is the disruption in business would be too much of a liability for any political party to undertake. That is a shame, since it's the only way to really find out what the market would accept in a guest worker program. Anyway, back to the frenchies: The basic idea here is that france will "begin a longer wait for citizenship for foreigners who marry French people, a tougher selection process for students visiting France, and close checks on immigration by families joining a foreign worker already living in the country." One more item that belongs here in the U.S. as well is "Foreign students wishing to follow courses in France will be subject to a tougher selection process." It's something to think about Mr. Bush... Something to think about. Full story here


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