Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Unless You Like Siamese Midget Twin Hot Oil Wrestling....

This is one of the most disturbing sites I've ever come in contact with. Don't believe me? How is it possible that Tonya Harding's site can be really disturbing? Besides the usual picture gallery, and background info, you get....... Fan Fiction. From the site: There are over 1400 fantasy stories written here about Tonya Harding

Oh, this is not just any fan fiction. This is fan "fantasy" fiction.


"Surya Bonelee lifted her skirt and yanked down her panties and skating tights." or "I was fast asleep after a long day. I don’t know why‚ but I woke up and although my vision was blurred‚ I could easily make out the beautiful sight before my eyes. It was Tonya. She slowly raised her finger up to her lips and gave a gentle "ssshhh"." or "Next thing Toyna asks my wife if she can put oil on her."

The above is a small section of one page out of 60. Most of the writing is too disgusting to copy here, and it freaks me out to know there are people who think about Tonya like that.

Shame they don't have the weding night video. Not that I want to see it, but it would increase the white trash quotient to astronomical levels.


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