Thursday, December 15, 2005

Money For The Stripper

I thought I might have something to say about this, but after a little thinking, I realized I wanted to move in a different direction . I'm sure most have read about the young "lady" who did a striptease for some guys in a dorm at The University of Western Ontario. If not, here's the story. The link is a little wonky, so the following is a quick breakdown from the website: First-year student's striptease posted online UWO investigates, discipline unlikely Student knew photos were being taken And: The University of Western Ontario is investigating an incident in which a female first-year student performed a full striptease and lap dance last week for several males in a residence bedroom, with graphic photos soon sent out over the Internet. And: As soon as the raunchy images came to the attention of the administration, officials approached the young woman to ask if she had been forced to strip or tricked into being photographed without her knowledge. She said she had not. Oh yeah, here's a couple of pictures that are acceptable to put on this blog. I'm going to block out part of her face since she at least deserves that much. Sorry. The pictures here are nothing you wouldn't see on any American (or Canadian in this case) beach. The other pictures that I'm not posting are, let's just say a little closer to what you see on European beaches, or European beaches with fully nude strip clubs on them.... You get the idea. After that, well.... This is just the first three of about 30 pictures. It gets better, or worse depending on your view. And who says all Canadians are pasty hosers. Wow. Anyway........ From what I can tell, (and find this morning) the pictures first showed up on: http://avrilrulez.buzznet.com/user a day ago. The site has since been removed. I did snag the pictures before the site was taken down, and upload them to a photo website (note: that site is not the same one hosting pictures from this blog). I was thinking about including a link to them here, along with general comments about what a fool the girl was, she knew there was a camera, she should have known better, the guys were not so bright when deciding to show her pictures online in the first place, etc., etc. But I finally decided against it. I mainly changed my mind because I remember some (and can't remember some) of the things I did in college that I'd prefer not to have flashed around the world. Not that anyone ever reads this site, but I'm sure the girl is going through hell right now. Or maybe she's not. My point is: whatever she's feeling, she doesn't need any grief from me posting her pictures, or going off on her. Believe me, I'm sure the pictures will pop up on usenet or some P2P system before too long. Now I simply look at this story as a lesson on how ridiculous newspapers (and Drudge) can be in what they consider news, and how information is reported. What makes this a story? It must be a very slow day for Drudge, or very cold in Canada that you have to report on one adult woman dancing naked and of her own free will, for a few adult people, in a private area, just so you won't have to go out and find news that actually has some importance. I can see this headline soon: Next investigative report from the Toronto Star: The dangers of Spring Break, and what every parent should know. Drudge breaks in with a "Flash": Why are we just now hearing about this Spring Break thing?


Blogger Richard said...

You're a fag.

12/15/2005 03:07:00 PM  
Blogger Rooster Cashews said...

I sent you all the pictures, didn't I?

Just because you assault me in my own dojo, when her video is available online, I won't forward it to you.

12/15/2005 03:12:00 PM  
Blogger Peakah said...

nuttin says entertainment than strippers and beer in a dorm room...

ahhh... those were the days!

12/15/2005 08:08:00 PM  

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