Tuesday, July 12, 2005

All you need is love?

I picked the subject of this post carefully. All you need is love. Out of all the Beatles' songs, this one beats me over the head to the point of screaming insanity. The only other song that will make me contemplate suicide is "Give Peace a Chance." That's another brain splasher I would prefer to be lost and forgotten by history. I love the Beatles, but listening to this mantra being chanted makes me want to dismember a liberal and shove his remains into the seat cushions of the first hybrid vehicle I come across. At the height of Vietnam, 1967, "All You Need is Love" was the battle cry of the unwashed and seemingly un-dead flower children. It really is a shame they haven't all died off. (patience, patience) The post title comes from the Beatles album "Magical Mystery Tour": http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000002UDA/ref=pd_cps_m_1/002-0740628-9809609?v=glance&s=music&n=507846 Thank God "All you Need.." is the last song on the record. I'd hate to have to forward through a CD just because one song really sucks. Kind of like Blues Traveler's album Four. The first song "Run Around" sucks, and you know it. It's the same with Magical, only at the end. Also, the image of John Lennon smacking his gum while singing it makes my skin crawl. John automatically leads to yoko. And that image association just ain't right. Anyway, "All You Need is Love," that's what the wacky left would like to believe. Liberals flaunt the "fact" (their word, not mine) that they are caring, loving, and compassionate to all, even those who disagree with their beliefs. The average liberal is kind to animals, and may be moved to tie himself or herself to a tree to protect an owl, but would kill a baby via abortion without batting an eye. A liberal would be completely surprised if he were robbed at gunpoint by a "minority" or "underprivaleged" or "subjugated" who I'm sure he would say is also "repressed", and then blame the evil capitalist society that invented Tyrone's or Shanice's gun in the first place. Face it, if you're a liberal, you're an asshole. The world would be better off if Tyrone or Shanice had shot you for your bus pass, save the whales literature, $2.00 plus change, and one unused condom circa 1982 at the ready in your hemp wallet. I personally find liberals to be angry little trolls (appropriate description considering the picture: See Lord of the Rings if you don't get it) who whine like children when they do not get what they want, or see some real or imagined slight. Grow up you sniveling panty-wastes. You all act like you are three years old. Bush is your president. Accept it. Not once did I ever hear a conservative voice cry out "clinton is not my president. I'm leaving the country." Grow some balls! Five years of your bitching, with another three to go, is irritating the hell out of me. I take great joy in presenting a cell phone picture taken by a friend on vacation in Colorado. You know you're working your way out of sanity and into a Disneyland on acid nightmare when you start seeing stuff like this on cars. Ok, Let's see: Angry bumper sticker: check. Make that two angry bumper stickers: check, check. And here's something exciting, a personalized plate: Dictate 2 Me. I guess they didn't have room on the plate for an R. "Dictator to me" has a better libshit ring. The plate really does it. Sometime you don't even need to say "dude, stay away from the kool-aid" because they are brainwashed beyond repair. (Click on the picture for a larger, more revolting image.)


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