Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Another Jab At Hunter From The Always Funny Huffington's Toast

http://huffingtonstoast.com/391/johnny-depp-fisted-my-ash/ not by Hunter S. Thompson That waterhead Depp went through with his moronic plan to fire my ashes from a fist-shaped cannon. It’s amazing, what a man-crush and a handful of MDMA can drive a boy to do. When you’re huddled in the kneehole of your desk, with ice-cold sweat pouring down your back, emptying a Colt Peacemaker into imaginary goblins with the unmistakeable profile of Richard M. Nixon, you don’t really expect your toadying houseguests to take you seriously when you mutter things about ashes and cannons. Unbelievable. My farewell service was basically a Tim Burton movie. Read the rest at the link above. It's just like having him around again.


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