Monday, August 08, 2005

Words, Phrases, Terms I Dislike

This post was going to be about ABC News anchor Peter Jennigs today... http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1507080/20050808/index.jhtml?headlines=true About how he, as a Canadian, F'd around with a 4th of July show that ABC was having. About how he single-handedly removed country singer Toby Keith from the show because he didn't approve of his "boot in your ass" song. About how I emailed the SOB saying even though I despised country music, I despised him more because he was a Canadian news person setting up a 4th of July show and having the nerve to attempt it. That's like me heading to Ottawa to oversee a Canadian Independence celebration. After a little thought I changed my mind. The SOB is dead. Let him be. I got to thinking that out of the evil 3, only Tom Brokaw is left with any kind of power. The major networks are crumbling, and their old-school anchors are crumbling with them. Now, words that I dislike Ointment: It just sounds disgusting. Plymouth: Or any variation where the word looks like you should pronounce it another way: It looks like PLIE, but pronounced PLEH. Empower: liberal term to make people feel better. "We empowered Jamalla so she could get a job." No you didn't. You tossed Jamalla a bone. The word empower makes me want to beat the crap out of someone. Ask: But only when its pronounced like "axe". Arse: I'm too American to use arse, even if it is the correct term. My family left Europe almost 200 years ago, so I have a hard time putting that one in the lexicon. Cream: When it is written as creme. Anal, Oily, or Vaginal Discharge: Unless you are a doctor, I don't want to hear these words on TV or the radio. Polyps: Another disgusting little word. Rectal thermometer: I really don't have a problem with this, but I would like to know who first had the idea to shove a thermometer up someone's as... arse, to get a temperature? liberal: Do I even have to explain? Bung-hole: It's not really disgusting, but it does have a more disgusting ring than ass.... Excuse me, arsehole. I think this is another of those European slang terms. Gangsta: Like ask/axe, but this one is done on purpose, and not because the speaker has an inability to speak normal English the way it was meant to be spoken. People resort to tearing the language to pieces by purposely misspelling and misusing words. I'm not talking about new slang terms like "Snug" or "PHAT" since something like Snug was made up to have another meaning. Or, like PHAT, are acronyms for something (Pretty Hot And Tempting). But when you start jacking with words, that sets me off. Words like gangsta, brotha, playa, and the like, also make me want to beat the crap out of someone. More later...............


Blogger Richard said...

Who axed you, homey?

8/08/2005 10:05:00 AM  

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