Wednesday, August 17, 2005

More Proof Cindy "Mother" Sheehan Has No Clue

When I say Cindy "Mother" Sheehan is a nut-job, I'm kidding... sort of. The interview below shows she really is a silly wanker... and a nut-job. Keep eating the daisies, and babbling like an idiot Mother Sheehan, you're doing a wonderful job of destroying whatever credibility you had. Thanks to The Political Teen: http://thepoliticalteen.net/2005/08/16/contradicts/ and Michelle Malkin for the transcript. Video of interview from The Political Teen: http://thepoliticalteen.com/video/cmattshee.wmv Transcript from Hardball with Chris Matthews: MATTHEWS: Can I ask you a tough question? A very tough question. SHEEHAN: Yes. MATTHEWS: All right. If your son had been killed in Afghanistan, would you have a different feeling? SHEEHAN: I don’t think so, Chris, because I believe that Afghanistan is almost the same thing. We’re fighting terrorism. Or terrorists, we’re saying. But they’re not contained in a country. This is an ideology and not an enemy. And we know that Iraq, Iraq had no terrorism. They were no threat to the United States of America. MATTHEWS: But Afghanistan was harboring, the Taliban was harboring al-Qaida which is the group that attacked us on 9/11. SHEEHAN: Well then we should have gone after al-Qaida and maybe not after the country of Afghanistan. MATTHEWS: But that’s where they were being harbored. That’s where they were headquartered. Shouldn’t we go after their headquarters? Doesn’t that make sense? SHEEHAN: Well, but there were a lot of innocent people killed in that invasion, too. … But I’m seeing that we’re sending our ground troops in to invade countries where the entire country wasn’t the problem. Especially Iraq. Iraq was no problem. And why do we send in invading armies to march into Afghanistan when we’re looking for a select group of people in that country? So I believe that our troops should be brought home out of both places where we’re obviously not having any success in Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden is still on the loose and that’s who they told us was responsible for 9/11.


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