Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Quick Note News

#1: CNN is floundering. It's fun watching these guys sink. I listened to a tape with a similar interview this guy gave, and it wasn't pretty. CNN is trying to fight (and failing) because they are cornered like a wild animal. Their ratings are steadily declining thanks in part to Fox News, blogs, and independent fact checking. Ok, it's also their liberal leanings that didn't make them friends when America saw they had other options besides the Big 3 and CNN. The interview shown below only reinforces my belief that CNN is rudderless and drifting toward the rocks. Via Drudge: CABLE BATTLE: CNN HEAD CALLS FOXNEWS COVERAGE 'MEANINGLESS NONSENSE' Tue Aug 23 2005 20:34:26 ET CNN President Jonathan Klein implies ratings news leader FOXNEWS is mired in coverage of "meaningless nonsense," claiming: "Fourteen Americans dead, and they have Natalee Holloway on," Klein says. "And they're supposedly America's news channel." "It's easy and it's brainless," Klein charges in a telephone interview set for publication at the NEW YORK TIMES, explaining why cable news outlets are gravitating to the Aruba story. "They're looking for an ongoing drama" along the lines of the NBC crime show "Law & Order," he said, adding, "Except 'Law & Order' doesn't do the same plot every night." "There are an awful lot of things you can cover if you don't have people tied up with this meaningless nonsense," Klein says. In early July, Klein pulled CNN's correspondent out of Aruba and dropped the subject from most CNN shows in the absence of new developments. "If Jon performed as well as he talks, he wouldn't have to explain his network's dismal ratings," says Irena Briganti, a spokeswoman for FOXNEWS. "We have trounced him on every breaking news story from the London bombings and last week's events in Gaza." #2: Homeland Security finally gets it? Let's hope so. Homeland Security has its place. Checking 90 year-old grandmothers getting on to a plane is not it; but protecting the borders from those who would harm us is. I sure hope this pans out. Just a glance around this blog and you can tell my views on the border and illegal aliens. Short answer: No round-ups, just shoot anyone moving North, and talk to them, if they still can talk, later. Border protection can be done despite what the great unwashed liberals say. If you can protect a large area (4687 sq. mi.-total area, not border area-) like Groom Lake (AKA: Area 51) with the highest of high-tech sensors and cameras, how is it possible you can't protect the country from illegals streaming across in a flood. I know Area 51 is a different, and difficult to get to location, and yes it's easier to patrol, but how hard could it be to get sesnsors and cameras like Groom Lake on the border and use them in conjunction with 24/7 patrols!? http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/08/23/AR2005082301274_pf.html washingtonpost.com U.S. to Beef Up Border Force ICE to Help More in Areas With High Illegal Immigration By Darryl Fears Washington Post Staff Writer Wednesday, August 24, 2005; A02 A week after Arizona's governor declared a state of emergency in counties bordering Mexico, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed yesterday that it agreed to strengthen its law enforcement presence in areas that are experiencing high levels of illegal immigration. In a letter sent Monday to Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano (D), DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff said Immigration and Customs Enforcement will train local investigators to deal with human trafficking in Phoenix. Read more at the link above. And finally another border view of the story:

Partial Reprint (The link Screws up the blog. Just know it came from The New York Times)

Homeland Security Chief Tells of Plan to Stabilize Border By ERIC LIPTON WASHINGTON, Aug. 23 -Acknowledging public frustration over illegal immigrants, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Tuesday that the federal government's border control efforts must be significantly strengthened. "We have decided to stand back and take a look at how we address the problem and solve it once and for all," Mr. Chertoff said at a breakfast meeting with reporters. "The American public is rightly distressed about a situation in which they feel we do not have the proper control over our borders."

Pardon me if on that last sentence I say "No sh*t Sherlock."


Blogger Shawn said...

Amen. Liberal news is losing ground it is good for America. Just came by this blog randomly. That word verication is cool. If you don't mind, how do I get the code?

8/24/2005 09:15:00 AM  
Blogger Rooster Cashews said...


If you see this, go to the "change settings" section of your blog, click on the "comments" tab, down toward the bottom of the page is a yes/no toggle that says: Show word verification for comments? Click "Yes" and save.

After that, anyone posting a comment must input the code. It does keep down on the spam.

I'm going to post this on your site too, just in case you miss it on mine.

Thanks for stopping by.

8/24/2005 09:59:00 AM  
Blogger Tek said...

I cant watch Fox though, so I do watch CNN. Well, I am a liberal too.

8/24/2005 01:59:00 PM  
Blogger Rooster Cashews said...


I won't hold it against you.

8/24/2005 02:08:00 PM  

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