Friday, December 09, 2005

If You Ever Wondered

This story shows the definition of "Moran." Yes, I know the word should be spelled moron, but I really don't feel like explaining the meaning behind why the above is spelled "moran." Here is a good site with a little background on "Moran." Look here to see other pictures, and here for the whole story below. I like stupid or insane people. I really do. They make life more interesting and entertaining at the same time. Witness a Mr. Shawn Cox, who came to Washington, DC all the way from Little Rock, Arkansas. Mr. Cox was not on vacation, but he was site seeing... sort of. Mr. Cox came to DC to see Clinton. No, not the former president, or his man-thing wife... He came to see Chelsea. It seems nobody told Mr. Cox that climbing the White House fence will get you noticed by security before the fruit of Clinton's loins pays notice to you. It also seems that nobody told Mr. Cox that Clinton had evacuated the White House about 5 years ago. It is my assumption that Mr. Cox is a Democrat. There's no proof behind that statement except no self-respecting conservative would want anything to do with Bubba's and She-thing's daughter. LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- An Arkansas man who was arrested after he jumped the fence onto the White House grounds this week reportedly was after Chelsea Clinton -- not anyone from President George W. Bush's family. According to a court-ordered report from the D.C. Department of Mental Health, Shawn Cox, 29, thought Clinton still lived at the White House. He thought he was destined to marry her. Yeah, definitely a Democrat.


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