Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's Gloooooorious! ('Old School' movie reference)

VOTE ALREADY I've been nominated: Best so far blog awards in the humor division. Thank you Peakah. Like they always say: "Win or lose, just being nominated is an honor." Which everyone knows is a steaming pile of crap. If you don't want to win, no matter what subject you're competing in, you should get out of the pool, dry off, and hang yourself in the shower room. Problem with that is the police will probably believe you had some kind of autoerotic asphyxiation thing going on. I've never understood doing that, but I guess that's a post for a later date. Most people who visit this site are not here for the humor, ranting, or name calling. Most people show up because of certain names. What I have noticed is how people are driven to this page from other places. A very large tip of a hat should go to Peakah and the American Princess (See links on the right) for having the guts to link me without really checking into my background. Suckers!!! :) They were my first real referrals. And seriously, they were very kind to do so. The weirdest thing is if you go to my hit counter toward the bottom of the page (it looks like a little blue ball) you'll find that most searches that lead to my site come from people looking for pictures of Angela Comer (Teacher that ran off to Mexico with her 14 year-old student), Debra Lafavre: (Just Google her and you'll remember), the Canadian dorm room college stripper, sweet and beautiful Julie Hyman of Bloomberg News, and always perky, oh so hot Becky Quick from CNBC. I tell you, just listing those 5 names again in this post will pull in an additional 20 hits today alone. Don't believe me? Have a look at the stat counter wedged between, and to the left of the two cartoons below, and then check it again tonight. I could simply list a bunch (Teenage Flashers) of names in a string to (Highschool Girls Shower) pull in traffic, (Lesbian Cheerleaders) if I wanted, but that's not what I'm (Jennifer Love Hewitt Topless Beach Photos) looking for. I don't do this blog for any other reason than to blow off steam. Period. I don't do it to be recognized. I don't do it for hits. I do it because I'm a smartass that really can't say out loud in public most of what I post here. It's not that I say a lot that's over the top, but sometimes..... As an example, go back in my links to Hunter Thompson's death. I think I got more replies on that post than any other. Sure, it was only 4 replies, but it was 4 more than any other article on the page. For those too lazy to go look it up (I am. That's why I don't have a link to it in this post) I basically said It was a good thing that Hunter killed himself. Did I really mean that? No, of course not. But I said it. I published it. And I'll stand by it based on the reasons I gave for my rant: Death of the Hippy generation, liberals celebrating Hunter's death by suicide, and Johnny Depp's inane attempt to carry out what he believed was Hunter's last wish firing his ashes out of a canon, then spending the remainder of the evening trying to channel Hunter's spirit. I did take a moment to look up Steve's (Hog On Ice) take on Hunter, as Hunter. Please have a look: http://huffingtonstoast.com/?p=391 or here: http://huffingtonstoast.com/?author=21 for the full series. If someone finds my blog funny, I'm happy. If it makes them think, great. If it upsets them, that's good too. And if it makes them reply, that's even better since I'll have someone to scream at besides myself. I will in turn defer to someone like Peakah for conciseness, E.M. at the American Princess for excellent analysis on political and law issues, or Steve at Hogonice.com for real humor with an edge. It's writing like Steve's, Peakah's and E.M.'s that helps me to understand how far I have to go before anyone should consider this blog as funny or thought provoking. I'm not in the same ballpark as 99.9% of the people I link on the right side of the page, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try to be in the same ballpark. All three have been constants in the short six months I've had this site. In this case, and in all honesty, considering the company I enjoy reading, win or loose, it really is an honor just to be recognized. UPDATE: I just checked the stats and I've had two referrals since this post went up looking for info on Angela Comer, and another one looking for Julie Hyman. See? I told you. No hits yet for the Highschool Girls Shower, or Jennifer Love Hewitt, but there's still plenty of day left.


Blogger Peakah said...

Good to see ya hard at work!

I've loved your site since you stopped by during the great racism debate on my site when I was trying to tell this dopey blonde that I used to date that she's being brainwashed by her commie professor... blah blah blah...

Your comment was the one that pissed her off the most so since then I've had this bond with you. The kind of bond men have when they piss off chicks.

Hey, you got my vote for the humor blog... keep up the great work brothah.

2/01/2006 07:53:00 PM  

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