Tuesday, January 17, 2006


In an effort to keep the public aware of hot teachers boinking their students, I'd like to present Angela Comer. Over and over I ask, where was she when I was in school? You may also refer back to a previous post concerning teachers and their students here. There is something that even this old man can appreciate about the story: Yeah, I know it's soooo wrong, but if I had the chance at that age (in the case of this story, he's 14) I'd jump all over it. Of course I'd have no clue what I was doing, but aren't teachers supposed to help you learn? From the picture below, I think I'd be a quick study. This story does get odd however. Throwing beer parties at your house with your students, fogging up windows in the back of your car, stays at Motel 6... all of this I get. What I don't understand is fleeing to Mexico with both the student and your toddler child in tow. I'd assume something was about to come down since the story says a federal warrant was issued for her previously. Mmmmmm.... heading across the border for desperate sex.... Almost as good as angry, drunk make-up sex. But not quite. The above picture is sweet and clean Angela Comer, age 26. She's a psycho (although a cute psycho) who went on a Mexico field trip with her 14 year-old boyfriend. My final question before the story is this: Does she speak Spanish? Based on her being whiter than white, from Kentucky, and having a Tri Delta "Thanks for coming to our mixer" smile, I'd say she probably spoke just enough Spanish to order a Mexi-melt at Taco Bell. Full story here Highlights below: A 26-year-old former teacher from Kentucky who reportedly fled that state with a teenage student with whom she had a romantic relationship has been apprehended in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Mexican authorities arrested Angela Comer after finding her at a Nuevo Laredo hotel with the 14-year-old boy and Comer's toddler son. Investigators also have determined Comer may have stayed at the teen's home without his grandmother knowing. "She appears to have slipped in and out," Ford said. Bonus points should be awarded to Angela for having the stones to sneak in and out of the kid's window, and for going above and beyond any other teacher/student/freaky sex story by trying to leave the country with the kid. Look, I don't sanction this behavior, but I'm a guy. What guy (especially a 14 year-old boy) wouldn't want to have this on his resume? I'm also not getting into the psychological essence of Comer, but you know she's a freak. That can be a good thing.... Especially for some horndog 14 year-old kid. And before someone comes here and breaks my balls for being some kind of pervert sitting around the park watching kids while wearing my trenchcoat, go back and read the first link at the top of this story. And quit following me to the park!!!


Blogger Peakah said...

Yo, when I was 14 and willing to hump anything and everything that was humpable, I had the HOTTEST math teacher who was FRESH outta school and wore cut off silk shirts and was really petite with nice hooters...

I know this is totally piggish but that's how a 14 year old male mind is (for the male's entire life pretty much) but the guys would race to get the front and center seat to get a glimpse of the bottom of her sweet bosoms when she would reach high up on the chalkboard... (she knew exactly what she was doing!)

we would then pretty much all race to the bathroom afterwards to relieve pressure... (quit laughing you know how it is) ...and find ways to get her to become one of the sex freaks you speak of...

we never missed 'office hours' that's for sure... oh and yeah we all got A++'s in that class!

Oh Miss Reed how we miss you so!

1/19/2006 03:02:00 PM  

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