Tuesday, April 25, 2006

CD or not CD?

Are any of the following "Best of" CDs really neccessary? 1. The Very Best Of Buck Owens, Vol.2. Yee Haw, Hee Haw My name is Buck... (If you've seen Kill Bill Vol. 1, you know the rest.) 2. The Best of Fuel. Someone's desparate for money. When you only have 3 CDs to your name, do you really need a Best of? Are they even around anymore? 3. The Best of Both Worlds, Van Halen. VH is the perfect example of Spinal Tap A two CD set? Please. Listen up, there is no reason to get this CD. What you need is: Van Halen, Van Halen 2, Fair Warning, Women and Children First, Diver Down, and bits and pieces from 1984. If nothing else, pull three or four of your favorite songs from each album above and burn your own double disk. One more thing... What the hell happened to Eddie Van Halen? Hey Ed! Iron Maiden just called. They need you for a cover shoot on their next album. Time (alcohol, cancer, smoking, take your pick) has not been kind to Eddie. Eddie vs. Eddie... Who would win? 4. Best of Communism: Revolutionary Songs. WTF? I will crush you. Rousing hits include Onward Red Guards, Proletarians. We Thank You, Comrade Rakosi. Forward Together With The Party And The People. And Onward Youth, For Socialism. Please be sure to rat out your friends and parents to the Secret Police for the greater good of the mother land. 5. Baby Come Back: The Best of Player. You know there's something wrong with a best of cd when the title is the same as your one hit. Although, I loved that song when I was growing up. Baby, stay away from this one 6. All The Best From Mexico: 40 Mexican Favorites. Buy now and get a free yard worker with your order. While supplies last. This is what hell will be like. Oompa music from accordions


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