Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's Only Rock And Roll, But I Link It, Link It, Yes I Do.

The evils of music... 1. How about we start off with mysterious mind control? Number Nine. Number Nine... 2. Banned album covers: There is a lot of good stuff here. Example: On the Stones' Sticky Fingers album (yes, album, not CD) there is a real working zipper and a photo of Mick's skivvies done by Andy Warhol behind said zipper. That's something I really don't need, or want to see, but it sure makes the album better than the CD. CD art sucks compared to full size albums. Another album on the list is the Lynyrd Skynyrd "Band in flames" cover taken just before their plane went down. The album was quickly pulled from shelves since it looked like the band was walking out of burning wreckage. Only a few covers survived being destroyed.

(Some may not be safe for work. All pictures are small icons) Rock, and/or roll A few other links from the above site include: Worst album covers ever (And 2 that are NOT safe for work) Naked Chicks on Covers And more naked chicks on covers I posted the naked chick covers for a reason... besides the fact I'm a guy, and like how naked chicks look. Q&A time people. A. Could you tell me the name of two bands that you've heard of out of the 100 plus covers from those two nude cover links? Other than The Peppers, or Jane's Addiction. B. Now, go back to those pages and find a band. Then, go to Amazon and search for them. After you find one that still has a CD in print, download some samples of their music. How do they sound? C. Do ya think there might be a reason they have to put naked women on the cover? Something tells me it's very unlikely you would purchase an album by the "Dwarves" if it didn't have eyecandy to take your mind off the fingernails on blackboard sound coming out of your stereo speakers.

The Dwarves... What a great name, though... D. Sorry... End of lesson. 3. What's in the car CD player? 30 minute drive to work... 30 minute drive from work. Must-have-music-to-stop-me-from-purposely-plowing-into-idots-driving-and-talking-on-their-cell-phones. In no particular order... A. The Cult: Electric B. Carolyn Leonhart: Steal the Moon C. Death Cab For Cutie: Transatlanticism D. Eagles Of Death Metal: Peace, Love, Death, Metal E. The Fixx: Greatest Hits F: Jimi Hendrix: Complete Live At Woodstock G: REO Speedwagon: The Hits H: The Clash: Sandanista! I: The Plimsouls: Everywhere At Once J: The Vines: Vision Valley K: Sting: Covering Them


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