Friday, October 28, 2005


It appears Louisiana Governor Blanco is a fool after all. The proof is in the emails between the feds and the military. With all the sorrow that accompanied Hurricane Katrina I almost feel bad seeing Blanco's and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's nose being rubbed in the fecal matter they threw while blaming the feds for a poor response. Then again, I remember Blanco crowing and crying, making me actually want to slap her. And I despise men who hit women. Was FEMA slow? You bet. It's a government agency at the national level that reacts with the speed of a napping sloth. Click here and here for my original rants against Blanco, her clueless way to govern, and why disaster relief is structured the way it is. In the article below, it looks like Blanco did not have a clue or a plan. A few highlights include: The 38 pages of e-mail between FEMA representatives and Pentagon officials contradict the contention by Louisiana's Democratic Gov. Kathleen Blanco, two weeks after Katrina hit on Aug. 29, that the federal government was moving too slowly to recover the bodies. ...memos indicate that morgues were not ready to receive bodies until Sept. 7 _ two days after the first memo complaining about Blanco's inaction, and nine days after Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast. Army Col. John J. Jordan the military assistant to former FEMA director Michael Brown: "FEMA is pushing state to see what they want to do, and indications are that governor is involved in some of the decisions," especially regarding burial. The morgue did not open until seven days later. Sept. 13, Blanco lashed out at the federal government, accusing it of moving too slowly in recovering the bodies The memos describe what federal officials called a decision by Blanco to not enforce a mandatory evacuation order in New Orleans. They also note that New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin "is not prohibiting residents from returning." "Since FEMA did not anticipate reversal of decision for mandatory evacuation, crisis-action planning is now underway to provide this support," Jordan wrote in the Sept. 5 e-mail. Sad. Read the etire article here


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