Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Follow Up On Oil Refinery Post

The following two news items go along very well with the post on 10/07/2005 concerning refineries Here.
  • Power Outage Hits Parts of Downtown L.A.
  • "A blackout hit downtown government buildings, Chinatown and adjacent areas Tuesday. It was the third significant electrical failure in the city since mid-September. "
  • Alternative energy: N. Korea opens first bicycle plant
  • "North Korea, which has boasted ballistic missiles and nuclear arms, has begun producing the country's first home-built bicycles, China's Xinhua news agency said in a dispatch from Pyongyang." "...Energy-starved North Korea needs some 7 million bicycles, officials said."

    Something tells me the above headlines will become commonplace in the U.S. if the new refineries are not built.


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