Friday, December 09, 2005

From The "We Need A Fence" Department

Peggy Noonan has just laid out all my frustrations with the border control issue in a sane, non-frothing at the mouth way. Oh to be able to have her control when you really want to scream bloody murder at those in charge of immigration and the border patrol. A few high points include: Immigrants of old: Here is what is true of my immigrants and of the immigrants of America's past: They fought for citizenship. They earned it. They waited in line. They passed the tests. They had to get permission to come. They got money that was hard-earned and bought a ticket. They had to get through Ellis Island or the port of Boston or Philadelphia, get questioned and eyeballed by a bureaucrat with a badge, and get the nod to take their first step on American soil. And: Immigrants: (ILLEGALS) today: What does it mean that your first act on entering a country--your first act on that soil--is the breaking of that country's laws? What does it suggest to you when that country does nothing about your lawbreaking because it cannot, or chooses not to? What does that tell you? Will that make you a better future citizen, or worse? More respecting of the rule of law in your new home, or less? Now, if only someone in Washington (cough-Bush-cough) would listen. Read all of Peggy's article here


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