Thursday, December 15, 2005

Shhhhh.... Don't Tell The Democrats

Since the Dems believe the economy, the war, the country, and everything else American is in the toilet, I wouldn't want to ruin their day with this headline: Prices Drop by Largest Amount in 56 Years

The article can be found Here.

A few tidbits include: WASHINGTON -- A record plunge in the cost of gasoline pushed consumer prices down by the largest amount in 56 years in November while industrial production posted a solid gain. and The Labor Department reported that its closely watched Consumer Price Index dropped by 0.6 percent last month, the biggest decline since a 0.9 percent fall in July 1949. So, while Democrats bemoan the economy, just remember the above statistics, and the fact that when industrial production is up (more people work), and prices stay down (more people spend), it means the economy is rocking along. I know it will happen, so I'll wait for the game to come to me. Who will be the first to say: "But what about outsourcing?" "Layoffs?" or my favorite "Corporate Fat-Cats with million dollar salaries thanks to the evil Bush cabal?" Like I said, I'll wait. If and when someone comes around wanting to discuss economic models and basic Business 101 principles, I'll talk to you then.


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