Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Biased Press? Really?

Short and sweet since I have to get to work: I mentioned yesterday about several television news announcers state VP Cheney shot a man with buckshot. I'll chalk that statement up to liberal pansy-boys who are afraid of guns in the first place, and wouldn't know a Super Soaker water pistol from a real gun. Needless to say, Cheney did NOT fire on Harry Whittington with buckshot. If that had happened, Whittington would probably be dead. The link that I posted yesterday to the Cheney story clearly states: Harry Whittington "rested well last night," said Peter Banko, hospital administrator at Christus Spohn Hospital Memorial. The hospital listed Whittington's condition as "very stable," he said. That is from an AP writer Lynn Brezosky. Today I open up the news sites and find a different story being reported. Mr. Whittington, according to Mark Leibovich at the Washington Post claims: "The accident left the 78-year-old man seriously injured." Washington Post story here So you can be seriously injured and be able to leave the hospital in 72 hours? With that statement, could I say a woman who gave birth, but stays in the hospital a couple of days for observation is seriously injured? Or maybe Leibovich got it wrong by infusing his own bias in the story. Oh, one small item I saved for the end... A statement from hospital admin Banko yesterday about Whittington's condition: "It's not critical. It's not serious."

Strange. I thought I just read Leibovich saying Whittington was in serious condition. Maybe he needs his brain scanned to check for "serious conditions" that drained away any semblance of neutral reporting.


Blogger Lingo Slinger said...

OH God... The Cheney story is almost too good to be true.... Seriously.

2/15/2006 07:25:00 AM  

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