Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Get Up. Get On Up. Like A Link Machine.

1. This is creepy in a cool way: Good puppy dog 2. This is more weird than the myspace death page I posted a few weeks ago. Warning: It's safe for work, but this is some dark stuff. Enter at your own risk. I'm assuming most of the suicide letters here were written by people who just listened to Kevin Federline's new CD. 3. Overheard in the lab: Researcher #1: We should cure cancer. Researcher #2: Maybe next week. Researcher #1: How about heart disease? Researcher #2: No, but we’ll look into it soon. Researcher #1: I've got it! Why don’t we put glasses on a fly? Researcher #2: Brilliant!!!! I can’t wait for these geniuses to come up with dozens of little contact lenses for the fly, or maybe invent home laser eye surgery. Hey... Is that Bono? 4. I spoke to soon. Home LASIK? Try it on the fly first. Help me!!!!!! Would you trust your eyes to this guy... And why is he wearing glasses if he's endorsing the LASIK at home procedure? Something is not right here. Since everyone else seems to be able to sell medical equipment without oversight, I will now offer the home lobotomy kit, thanks to the good people at Iamlost. Order now and I'll throw in another kit..... for free!!!!! 5. I hope Bush knows he can house several immigrant families in those panties. Ariba!!!!


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