Monday, July 18, 2005

More Proof God Hates the french (No I Don't Capitalize french Stuff Either)

Pompous french bastards lose their bid for the Olympics to England partially because chirac would not keep his mouth shut about the Brits. Saying that the only thing England has given to the world (in terms of food) is mad cow disease. Now, showing that even God hates the french, their country is being overrun by locusts, and a large scale drought. The best part about all this, you might ask? All the pesticides that could stop the insects are banned from use. Bwaaahahahahahahaha. ------- http://www.washtimes.com/upi/20050717-092844-7410r.htm France faces drought, locusts Jul. 17, 2005 at 9:41PM On top of a severe drought, France is fighting a plague of hundreds of thousands of locusts. The locusts are devouring everything from crops to window-box flowers, reported the Observer. "At the beginning they seem small, insignificant insects but they grow very quickly," said Aveyron region farmer Gerard Laussel. "They eat everything that is green, leaving only stalks, and when they have finished they leave some kind of scent so the cattle do not want to graze on what is left." The French environment ministry said drought could be felt across most of France, but it mostly impacted from the Atlantic Ocean to Paris. "There is nothing we can do for the 700 or 800 farmers affected," said Patrice Lemoux, an agriculture official. "The locust has no known predator and the only insecticides which might make a difference are banned." Oh yeah, two good links: http://www.francesucks.com/ http://www.boycottwatch.org/misc/france-04.htm


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