Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Because The Pro's Can Do It So Much Better Than I

The very smart, and very beautiful Michelle Malkin has a wonderful line of thought that compliments my post located directly below this one. See here for her entire post, or scroll down a bit for a snippet. It is my contention that Liberals are nuts. Sure you have exceptions. A good example would be Joe Lieberman. Joe seems to be one of the few that still sounds sane after two minutes of listening to him. My suicide watch really begins on CSPAN whenever Ted Kennedy or any Democrat from California appears on screen. While I realize that the Conservatives have blind followers, I'd bet my life they don't rank anywhere near the voracity and vitriol of the Democrats shown by Michelle. Buy her new book here too. Or, just have a little fun reading what Liberals think about it.... Even though they have not read it. From Michelle's site: Critics will argue that these fine folks do not represent mainstream liberalism and that Republicans are just as bad. But as I note in the book: It's not Republicans taking chainsaws to Democrat campaign signs and running down political opponents with their cars. It's not conservatives burning Democrats in effigy, defacing war memorials, and supporting the fragging of American troops. And it's not conservatives producing a bullet-riddled bumper crop of assassination-themed musicals, books and collectible stamps. It's not a Republican who invoked Pol Pot and Nazis and Soviet gulag operators when discussing American troops at Guantanamo Bay. That was Democrat Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, who kept his Senate Minority Whip position and who continues to blame an orchestrated right-wing attack for what came out of his mouth. It's not Republicans who suggested that President Bush had advance knowledge of the September 11th attacks or that Osama bin Laden has already been captured. Those notions were advanced by former Secretary of State Madeline Albright and current Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean. And it wasn't a Republican who asserted that the war Iraq was just as bad as six million Jews being killed. That was Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel, who has refused to apologize and whom no Democrat leader has denounced. The views of unhinged liberals are no longer relegated to the private remarks of a few Democrat politicians or the bloviations of a few fringe figures on the far Left. The syndrome is far more pervasive, intense, and sanctimoniously self-delusional than anything on the Right. To see just how deeply this unhinged disease has infected the entire party leadership and its liberal body politic, you'll have to buy the book. As I say in the post below, Democrats are deep down the rabbit hole with little chance to capture their once great glory.


Blogger Seth said...

Amen to that. It absolutely amazes me how hateful the left is sometimes--ok, make that most of the time...

11/01/2005 08:29:00 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

The beautiful, intelligent, sexy, Michelle Malkin.

And a shameless plug for her book to boot.

You really must be hoping that she stops by the blog sometime. One bit of advice, online romances never work, except the ones that cost $14.99 a month with automatic renewals.

11/03/2005 07:19:00 PM  

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