Tuesday, July 19, 2005

france Sucks (Part 2)

They lost their Olympic bid. That should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the french. In 1936, the Olympics were held in Germany. During the parade of nations, in comes france with their arms raised in the Nazi salute of hitler. Granted, the idiots didn't know he would invade their country a few years later, but it goes a long way in showing how completely screwed up they are, then and now. Here's the latest story from the Tour of france (no, I will not put de). Look, I'm no fan of bike racing, and the idiots with the spandex shorts taking up 3 lanes of traffic while doing neighborhood rides with 30 of their closest friends push me one inch away from plowing though the entire pack with my truck. Didn't anyone ever tell them they should ride two by two, or single file? Because of this pack mentality, if I don't run them off the road, I may just do a drive by pepper spray attack. That's where the story from france comes in. But there's a difference in my road rage, and the story that follows. I'd never go through with peppering 30 butt-pirates on bikes just because they are taking up the entire road. Hell, I can pass them if I need to, then slow down in front of them where they have no choice but breathe in my exhaust. But someone decided to go just a little too far. Witness france, the dung heap of Europe. http://www.cnn.com/2005/SPORT/07/19/cycling.punch.reut/index.html?section=cnn_latest Kashechkin struck in face by a fan PAU, France (Reuters) -- Kazakh rider Andrey Kashechkin was struck in the face by a spectator as he was tackling the Marie Blanque climb in the Tour de France's 16th stage from Mourenx to Pau on Tuesday. "He received a punch in the face. He's stunned. It's unbelievable", said his Credit Agricole team chief Roger Legeay. The Kazakh had just launched an attack with compatriot Alexander Vinokourov and American Levi Leipheimer. He was riding on the left of the road when he was hit. His nose covered in blood, he rode back towards the spot where the spectator was standing, apparently to avenge the blow, but gave up and waited for the assistance of his team car. Later accounts of the incident suggested that the roadside spectator was cheering on the riders as they raced up a climb and apparently struck the Kazakh rider accidentally, as he cycled past. Despite the presence of thousands of fans on the roadsides, such incidents are rare. In 1975, five-times Tour winner Eddy Merckx was punched in the stomach by a French fan. Three years ago, in the Giro d'Italia, Italian Wladimir Belli stopped to exchange punches with a spectator who had insulted him. The fan turned out to be a cousin of Italian climber Gilberto Simoni. Belli was kicked out of the race. During Sunday's 15th stage of the Tour de France a spectator running alongside riders up another climb went under the wheels of a motorcycle carrying a TV cameraman who was filming the race.


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