Thursday, March 30, 2006

Link'n. Link'n. Link'n The Night Awaaaayy

1. Pondering. One thing I’ve wondered: My grandmother is in an assisted living facility. She coherent, and gets around slowly, but she's alright. Every month the home has a family dinner. At those dinners, there’s some kind of entertainment… maybe someone singing or playing songs from the 30s and 40s... You get the idea. What will happen when I’m that age? Will they bring in people to sing Pink Floyd, Metallica, or The Smiths? (#2 may not be safe for work) 2. My Space warning signs. Little things you should know before adding Mizz Sexxy Azz to your buddy list. 3. Daddy isn't in jail... he's visiting a friend. For 3 to 5 years. See.. Here he is in a nice garden... Yeah... That's it. 4. If there was a Che Gue-whatever the hell his name is dog, I’m sure he’d be in line with this. But not before he tortured and murdered a few hundred other dogs first. Viva La Revolution!!! 5. 99% of you know this guy. I don’t, because I work with my family…. Suckers!!! I'm going to need to you go ahead and come in on Saturday. . . m'okay? 6. Seems like a nice guy. Whoever dumped him should be found and beaten with a Fiat Panda (view it and you’ll understand) Do you like me? Check here for yes...


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