Friday, March 24, 2006

California Linkin' On Such A Winters Day

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I'm heading to gorge myself on crawfish and beer. Some links before I head out. 1. Break a leg.... Dumbass. There's a reason emergency room docs call people who ride motorcycles 'organ donors.' This explains that description perfectly. 2. Whenever I feel the need to really scare small children, old people, or stuffy white guys in wealthy neighborhoods, I dress up and act like Randy Moss. Cops usually come and beat me before realizing I'm a just a white guy wearing a mask. 3. Oldschool cartoons? Not really: (Not safe for work) How the Justice League would act if they were around today. Kind of like The Shield, but with more gay references. 4. More freaky Bat Man grooves. Give it a few moments for the picture and "music" to load... And have your speakers up. Is Bat Man tripping? 5. I'm guessing this really is a joke. If not, then I'm willing to bet she smells like cheese, has hairy pits, and drives a Prius. Fun, Quicky, Creepy, Baby 6. Old, but still funny. Beer looter guy video.


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