Friday, March 31, 2006

My Links They Bring All The Girls To The Yard, And They're Like, Its Better Than Yours...

With no apologies to Kelis. Man I hate that song. Word! 1. People need individuality to feel good. It's the nature of everyone to want to stand out in the crowd, and I understand that. People do not need this to accomplish that goal. 2. I love Super Mario, and I love MIT hacks. Who says nerds don't have some humor? Luigi!!! Another great site documenting MIT hacks can be found here. (Some pictures may not be safe for work) 3. I liked the unexpected reactions I had seeing the graffiti, messages, art, vandalism... Whatever you want to call it. Some are humorous, some mean absolutely nothing unless you are the author or in the know, and some mean what you whatever you want. Grab the spray paint and start tagging. 4. When I went to this site, the FBI opened a file on me. I am now in line to rule you. Be afraid. 5. This is why God invented dry cleaners. No ticky, no shirty. 6. The next story has so much potential, but I'll let your mind wander. Topics for jokes include: New Zealand, Sheep, pin-up calendar. Have at it. Brokeback sheep shearing. 7. A woman scorned... Tongue... the other white-trash meat.


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