Monday, April 03, 2006

The Goggles Do Nothing On Live Television

(Probably not safe for work. Bare ass streaker) So there I was watching the news last night when this happens. The funniest part is knowing a few things about the broadcast. Texas has had some dry weather lately, and occasionally a brush fire will kick up. This fire had been contained, but it was still local news, so why not report it? Another way to say it is: This was not a "Let's jump out here and do a story because fire is about to engulf a neighborhood." This was a set up that took a little time to plan. Lighting, scene, etc. So here comes some redneck driving around the back roads and sees the channel 8 guys putting up shop. It's my guess he called a couple of friends and says: "How much would you pay me to go starkers when the reporter is on air?" All you have to do is tell me when they are about to go live." I'm sure his friends pony up a carton of smokes and a case of beer just for the event. He agrees, and the rest is history. The beautiful part is the total calm of the reporter. Bonus points should also go to the streaker for bringing an air horn.


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