Thursday, May 11, 2006

I La La La Link You.... Ohahohhhhhhh

I La La La Love You - Pat Travers' Black Pearl sample WMA clip From the Valley Girl movie soundtrack if you want to know. 1. Remember actress Anne Sellors? Me neither. But I know she spoke these words: (or maybe they're my words for her just to make this link a little more enjoyable) "I got into acting as a way to be remembered forever. Because of film (my only film), I will always be around. It's not exactly the way I’d like to be remembered, but this is something I can show my great-grandchildren.... or not." IMDB info here: Tinkle Bell Threads (1984) (TV) (uncredited) .... Woman who urinates herself. Video of the scene that made her famous: Frequent urges? Trouble sustaining flow... not this lady This looks like a British version of "The Day After" in America. 'Course, if I saw a nuke go off over downtown Dallas, I'd probably do her one better by shitting myself. 2. There is something very unseemly about this product... in an aging James Bond kind of way: What is it Q? Well 007, it's the perfect place to hide cyanide, or Viagra 3. Get yourself tested for those pesky microwave transmissions the government and UFOs are using to control your life!!! I want to believe From the site: You may be experiencing electronic harassment and not know it. From Surveillance, Electronic Sabotage/Interference, Directed Harmful High Energy, Voice/Data/Image induction (This is when the govenment can can make an individual think they are loosing their mind or that they have a mental illness), and Implants (Not the stripper/porn star variety). Pssst... for $10 I'll kick you in the head to get rid of your evil humors. 4. Ow!, ow!, ow!, F’n ow!: Watch more than 10 seconds... I dare ya. Go Fish!


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