Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Bush: Arab Co. Port Deal Should Proceed Port poop I say again.... Idiot! Here is a big reason this deal needs to be stopped: Jimmy "I've had impure thoughts" Carter says he backs Bush's stand on the seaport-operations deal. Hey, W! If you're getting support from JC on anything, it's probably a good time to reconsider your position. Hell, I'd be wary receiving support on this from any president still alive... And that goes for your dad too. Doesn't anyone else (besides senators and congressmen who know they will be looking for new jobs if this passes) see a problem here? Someone tell Bush to get his happy ass down on the border to see what's happening to this country. Then, tell him about the very real nightmare of gigantic sea vessels pulling right next to New York and exploding. Make it into a children's story so it's easier for him to understand...... Ok, are you libs happy I trash-talked the president? Anyway.................. What could possibly go wrong when you have a state with ties to terrorism watching over your economic life-blood of imports and exports? You think there are problems on the borders now? Just wait until you see the bribes to foreign port officials that are made to move "cargo" into the country that some would not want authorities to know about. A little plague perhaps? Hey George, how about a small "nuk-u-lar" device to take out New York, Boston, LA, or maybe Washington? Is any of this sinking through? You can bet your sweet ass I'm jumping on this one. W doesn't seem to care about the border, so what makes you think he would care about the ports? And God help us all if this is allowed to continue. Take a moment, track down your representative in Washington, DC, or your state, and drop them a note right now. Bush is dead wrong about this, and no matter what your political affiliation is, you better worry about it too, and shake up the authorities while there's still time. Bush-sucking-up will continue at a later date when I'm not pissed off because someone (cough Bush cough) wants to leave our safety up to the pencil pusher in Durka-durkastan who can be bribbed with a camel and a hairy troll that passes for an Arabian version of Scarlett Johansson.


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