Wednesday, March 15, 2006

No Whammies, No Whammies... Annnnd... Stop!

Press Your Luck

One of the weirdest television game shows of my youth, but I will admit I loved watching it.

WHAM indeed

SANTA MONICA, California -- A former TV game-show host and his wife were killed Monday when their small plane crashed into Santa Monica Bay, authorities said. Rescue crews were searching for a third person also aboard the plane. The bodies of Peter Tomarken, 63, host of the hit 1980s game show Press Your Luck, and his wife, Kathleen Tomarken, 41, were identified by the Los Angeles County coroner's office.

No disrespect for the dead, but from the picture above it looks like Peter traded in for a newer model wife recently.

Anyway, Here's wishing him no whammies in the afterlife.

Bonus: Download the game for your computer. (Geared more toward Win 95 machines, it may cause some newer systems problems)


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