Thursday, March 16, 2006

I May Start Getting Hate Mail

Every once and awhile I check the stats of this site to see what people are searching for when they stumble upon my humble page. Today I came upon an odd request. I've written about this before, so it's not a big deal, but this time is a little different. Usually I get people looking for porn (The Canadian College Stripper pictures I posted. Well I only posted the safe ones.) (note: guess how many hits that last phrase will pull in?), or people look for the pure sweetness of Bloomberg's: Julie Hyman and CNBC's: Becky Quick. About 5-10 hits a day are average for people looking for Julie or Becky. Like I said, it's no big deal. But what would happen if someone put in a combination of words that came out in a very unfortunate way? Google searches (most search engines for that matter) look for key words. I get a lot of people looking for how cashews grow, and the name of this site will pull in a hit. So Someone may put: "Cashews" and "Pie" in their search and Google would come back with my site, and a post I made about cow-pie throwing... or something like that. The hit I found today is based on something taken out of context thanks to google breaking apart my posts to match a search query. Some guy from San Francisco... I assume it's a guy... went to Google looking for this: brokeback, mountain, wav, file Google, in its infinite wisdom breaks down my post from here, a joke about the food list from the movie, and another post from here, a post about why mockingbirds should be shot on sight. Two totally different and unrelated posts show up on Google like this: Rooster Cashews Summer, 1963, Brokeback Mountain WEEK ONE ... A few examples of why they must be destroyed are here: (wav files) EVIL, EVIL, and EVIL!!!!!!! ... roostercashews.blogspot.com/ - 72k Here's what I see when I read the above. The words in parentheses is me filling in: Brokeback Mountain WEEK ONE... A few examples of why they (the gays) must be destroyed are here: (They are) Evil, Evil, and Evil. WTF? I'm waiting to see if I get any snotty remarks anywhere.


Blogger Uber said...

Well, I, for one, think it's pretty funny as is. ;)

3/16/2006 08:56:00 PM  

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