Thursday, July 20, 2006

More Fun Than A Clown Car On Fire............. With Burning Clowns Included.

My vacation went very well. I'm back home, rested, and now sweating my ass off because it is 103 degrees in Dallas. Pictures of the trip will come later. I have nothing fancy to offer today, so how about a few links to occupy your brain? 1. The drugs are working overtime now. I like conceptual art... I just don't understand it. Point. Click. Drop Acid. Point. Click. Drop Acid... 2. Dude... It’s not a "bong"... It’s a “water pipe.” “Bongs” are illegal. I just want to know how he planned on sealing all the air holes A skull? How F'd up is that? It would have been so much simpler if he had gone here for a diagram on how to make a bong out of a Pringles can. Granted, a Pringles can doesn't hold the same rush as smoking pot out of someone's brain pan, but this guy sounds like a Jeffrey Dahmer starter kit. 3. Two “Guess the Google” type games. The first one uses Flikr for the base photos. Good time killer. The second game is here. 4. Puppy curling. I don't write the games, I just play them. Midget curling, and dog curling should be Olympic events. If it's funny to have them chase tennis balls, and watch them slide on the kitchen floor, it would be twice as much fun to watch them negotiate ice. I'm talking more about dogs chasing balls than midgets, but I guess watching a midget slide on the tile while fetching a tennis ball would be amusing too. 5. I don’t know what this is. Cool sounds, a lonely cartoon gimp, and he ends up hanging by his optic nerve? If a gimp hangs himself in the woods, does anyone care? 6. Mah-Jongg A thinking time killer 7. Acne poppin.’ I was grossed out by this, but I couldn’t stop. Once you pop, you can't stop. Only one CD in the player this week while I drove to and from work: Leona Naess: Comatised


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