Monday, June 12, 2006

I Show My Love With Links

1. After viewing link #1 you will be screaming the same thing I did: "I want that 5 minutes of my life back right now!" Store Wars? Substituting "Yogurt" for "Yoda" was done in Spaceballs, but I still hope Lucas sues these granola munchers. 2. Acronyms, Abbreviations, and general BS. Want to find a better way to say LOL? Then look here: LOL!!!!1! The best part about this page is finding words you haven't heard in years. For example, you know you're old if you know what Compuserve is. Now, have a look, or you can KMA. 3. Rate my... um... kitty? I don't like cats. Well... that's not really true... Cats don't bother me. I usually get along with them pretty well, and it's rare that a cat doesn't like me. But, I'm not a fan of cat owning people. Cat's are basically evil creatures with a superiority complex brought about by centuries of weak-spined individuals bending over backwards to please them. (let's see if I can get hate mail from that) So, if you're sheepish enough to kneel to the whims of a feline, that's your problem. Enjoy the site. Just try to avoid puking rainbows from the cuteness overload. Cats steal the breath out of a baby's mouths!!! 4. Know a site that pissed you off enough you’d just as soon see it in flames, or covered in dog crap? Now live out your destructive fantasy without threats of legal retaliation, or instigations leading to jail time because of your denial of service attack. I am the a cranky haxors lololo 5. If you want a great time waster, this is it. Paint by numbers, computer style: Sorry, no clowns to paint


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