Friday, June 23, 2006

Charitable Considerations And Musical Excess

Yay!!! 1. I may have to donate money, or time to this organization. You know they are doing some good when they use your money to build a “Pleasure Hospital”, bring you “touching” testimonials via their web page, and allow you to adopt or sponsor a clitoris. The only down side is the cause is operated by the Raelian Movement. They’re the same people who said they cloned a human a year or so back. They also believe in E.T. Nasty! To sponsor that, I'd need rubber gloves and an oyster shucker. Clitoraid??? 2. Keith Moooooooooo-n When you click the link, you'll think back to the line above and realize how smart I was to come up with it. Could this Keith Moooo-n choke on his vomit like the real Keith Moon? Something to think about since cows regurgitate what's in their stomachs.

3. The pure greatness of Christopher Walken as a stick-figure from the Fatboy Slim video.

Cowbell not needed here.

4. I’m of the belief that whatever you do in a negative way to others in this life comes back against you in the afterlife. Some kind of Zen-Buddhist thing, I guess... So I’m not saying anything at all about the rat lady because I know God would put the smack down on me hard for it. Want some cheese? Then again... I believe God has a sense of humor, so laughing at this guy is alright: Umfphs medsa koojabba yah!!! Sounds like every other rapper out there today to me. I’ve said before that every band should have a “little person” to be on stage with them. So, what better way to preserve dwarfism, and promote the continuation of the dwarf line than the link below. This will ensure each band will have a small person. So we need to make sure a dwarf dates, and hopefully marries another dwarf. They, in turn, could have dwarf children. Support dwarf dating today! Every band should be as white trash as Kid Rock and Big and Rich. I'm 4'1'' tall. I enjoy very short walks on the beach... 5. There’s something really wrong in a “Bring out the gimp” sort of way when you get a penguin and a squirrel playing dueling banjos, and you also throw in Burt Reynolds, pigs, and Bo and Luke Duke. I feel violated 6. Rock and roll with a “Whack a Penguin” touch, and some Led Zeppelin mud shark thrown in: Whack an amp? This week's CDs by day 1. The Shins: Chutes Too Narrow 2. Thievery Corporation: Verisions 3. Rock Kills Kid: Are You Nervous? 4. Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe: An Evening Of Yes Music Plus 5. Gnarls Barkley: St. Elswhere


Blogger Richard said...

I'm 4'1'' tall. I enjoy very short walks on the beach...and my nickname is tripod!

7/02/2006 02:57:00 AM  

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