Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Brains... Brains!!!!!!

No... Strange... Strange. 1. Harry Chapin is not amused. Either you get that, or you don't. If you do, that means you're probably in your 30s or older. If you don't, just Google "Harry Chapin Song." Anyway...

No MSG!!!!! But kibbles aren't bad for you.

2. In honor of 6-6-6, how about a walk with the dead? Games... Games!!!!! 3. Along the lines of "You might be a redneck if..." You will know if you are a true geek by clicking here. If after looking, you say: A. "That is the coolest thing ever." B. "Of course I knew the original had 10 Phylon-Q7 Tractor Beam Projectors, and a Seinar Fleet Systems S-s3a Long Range Tachyon Detection Scanner." C. You already have a model of the Death Star in the same material. (more than likely hanging in your parent's basement) D. All of the above. You are a geek. 4. Beware of the Muffin Tree. 5. The internet is a vast wasteland of free porn and the absurd that takes my mind off work. A good example is this. Although it's not porn, it's absurd. I'll look for absurd porn later. 6. My family ties are rooted in Shetland, Scotland... and I'm proud of them... At least I was until now..... Med Løgum Skal Land Byggja. Maybe that should read: Med Løgum Skal "Bus stop" Byggja. Ok, I'm still proud of where I'm from, but this is just strange. Welcome to Unst. Home of cold and dark. A good way to describe Unst is to say you have a pretty good chance to meet Santa if you visit because you are so far north. Anyway, a bus stop is Unst's latest claim to fame. Have a look at the snack bar and free "in room" computer. On the plus side the Scots did invent golf. You can thank me about that later. Ok, honestly it is a beautiful land, but the locals could use a little more to do. Visit and see what the island has to offer here. 7. Keeping the Scots-Irish theme going... You can learn to curse like a Irish sailor at this site or find another language to curse in here. 8. Serious geek stuff now. This is for all you people that can speak Klingon, or get hives waiting for the newest processor to come out. Get a life already, ok? 9. Time killer games. Racing hell, and other stuff 10. Save the best for last. Here's a real time waster: Pick the hottie. It goes on and on and on and on...


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