Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lycanthropic Links... AKA: Links You Should Probably Wait Until Night To Watch Because They're Funnier When You're Tired.

1. Gimme some mo' of 'dem. Little Girl: Daddy? What’s a modem? Dad: Well you see honey; long ago the internet wasn’t beamed directly into your head. In the early days of home computers... Little girl: A home what? Dad: Don’t ask, we’ll talk about home computers when I have a few hours. So, when the internet first began, information was scattered across the world. The only way to get this information was to connect your computer to another set of computers where the information was stored. But, computers had to talk to each other, just like we are doing, so modems allowed computers to connect with the net, and exchange information. Unless you live in the woods, there’s probably a good chance you haven’t heard this sound in a few years. 2. For all you Renaissance festival geeks: Write your own historic tale. You can shove that jousting pole straight up your ass for all I care. Just don't write about it. And for the love of God, get a life. 3. Send reminders to yourself by email... from the fuuuuttuure... Ok, so it’s really a poor man’s version of Outlook, but it works. Do you have a meeting next week? Remind yourself by an email that will be delivered on the date you request. It works, but I'd almost bet they’re stealing your email address and selling it to spammers. You 2 can have ecstra loooong members. Click here 4 big man Viagra subtitute!!! Oh yeah, you also have meeting with Abernathy Corporation to discuss their fiscal 2005 report at 3 pm. Don't be late. (yes, spelling mistakes are intentional) Always save the best for last... 4. This girl has a great gimmick going. I wonder how long she can pull it off before it gets old. And yes, I know who she really is. I'm just waiting to see if she does more, and if they bore me. I'm depressed... I mean really depressed. It's like the whole world is fading into a black void that only I can understand. 4. The net is so full of crap... and you can tell that’s true by most of what I post here. But, every once and a while something truly unique and beautiful comes along that makes you smile like a child. From the site: “The Little Girl Giant woke up in her deckchair at Horseguards Parade after another good nights sleep, took a shower from the Sultans Elephant, got dressed, and wandered off for a play in St James' Park.” By the way, the music that accompanies the video fits perfectly. The wonder of the child as a giant


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