Thursday, August 24, 2006

Harold And Kumar Go To Lake Travis

Here are a few pictures from the 10th annual Guyfest. Guyfest is a guy's only event celebrating beer, lake activities, farting ability, beer, golf, guy movies, beer, margaritas, poker, steak, and beer. It's also a chance for the married guys to get away from their wives... if only for three days. Remove Formatting from selection Here's the kitchen. That white thing on the left is the largest refrigerator I have ever seen outside a restaurant or morgue. It holds a lot of beer... or bodies, if you prefer. The view from the back of the house toward Lake Travis, just outside Austin. Looking back toward the house. Outdoor deck with bar... The first night is casual... Here's a better look at the 22-foot copper-topped bar. It's the last time it would be empty the remainder of the week. By late Thursday night, everyone finally made it to the house... And there were some who weren't officially invited, but joined us as well. Sometimes, having a few girls at the guys only weekend is a good thing. But, there's a problem with that for some... Two or three of the married guys that have no scene control had their asses chewed up and handed back to them by their wives when they got home because the picture above (along with most of the ones you see here) was sent to their "family" email address.... Since I'm not married, I don't care. So, sounding as heartless as possible, and laughing at them because of it, let me say this: Marrying whatever screwed in the head, insecure shrew they did... I'm not sorry saying: Thank God that's their hell and not mine. Honestly, it's kind of sad when a wife or husband can't trust their spouse to be faithful, even if they are only away for a few days. That probably says a lot about their marriage... (I'm sure I'll catch hell for saying that) It was fun and games each night... but it was difficult to be excited when mornings rolled around. If I could invent anything, it would be a switch to dim the sun... Margaritas, beer, steaks, lobster and wine... It's all good. Out of $300+ in food, and several hundred dollars for items to drink, the only items we left behind on Sunday were a half bag of Oreos and a six pack of Milwaukee's Best... Who the hell drinks that? And more importantly, who the hell brought it? With the exception of the previously mentioned skunk-beer brand, we know how to eat and drink well.

Looking ahead: Winterfest, in January, for NFL playoff watching may be held at my family's beach house in Galveston. Or, there's always going back to the tradition of the Whitney lake house. Vote tabulation is still going on, so vote early, and vote often.

Music for this week.

1. Tom Petty: Highway Companion Typical Petty, but an easy listen on the drive home. 2. Prince and The Revolution: Parade Good funk to wake you up in the morning. Finally, a note for James on the running joke of this trip... I have no problem with you saying you would gladly hang out with Nick Lechey. As a matter of fact, I would too. He seems like an average guy that enjoys drinking beer and bullshitting with those around him. On the other hand, you owning any CD he sings on makes you gay. (Or maybe you are a 13 year-old girl)... It makes no difference that you are married; you are in denial. You might want to try listening to some Sugar Ray, Rob Thomas or Creed to wean yourself away from Nick. From there it's a quick jump to something a little less gay like Coldplay or Nickleback. Although all the bands I mentioned are also gay, listening to them is not as gay as a dude who owns a Lechey CD... Changing your listening habits involves small, easy steps at first... That's the key. Admit your gayness and treat it now before you snap and run off to Vermont with a 20 year old Laotian boy. Nuthin' better than busting someone's chops for their error in judgment admitting they listened to Lechey... And liked it. Links, and other juvenile nonsense will continue next week.


Blogger Richard said...

Or four days if bonus night is invoked.

8/24/2006 09:34:00 AM  
Blogger Peakah said...

now that is a vacation!

Great pictures brah! ...I'm jealous!

8/27/2006 10:06:00 PM  

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