Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Links...... From Hell

1. Most disturbing flash video ever is here. 2. You know when you've had too much to drink when... And no that's not me. http://pics.ntm.at/lol/waytodrunk.jpg 3. BRAAAAAIIIIIINNNNNSSS!!!!!!!!! Cakes for the dead. Zombie goodness. 4. If you have some odd, slightly illegal in 23 states kink that you enjoy, I'd probably call you a sick bastard, and then realize your right to chase squirrels while dressed as a penguin is protected as long as it doesn't interfere with my dressing as an axe murderer with a penchant for hacking penguins to death. (Of course I'm not serious) But, having a phone fetish like this should get you a kick in the ass for wasting money on a really lame porn site. (Safe for work) 5. Piss off the muslims. No... not the ridiculous cartoon nonsense... Enjoy the wonderful aroma of PORK in your Car!, in your Bathroom!, or in the Laundry Room! Bacon air fresheners make excellent gifts too, so order today! If they only had scrambled eggs smell, I'd so buy it. One more from the above site: Super Action Jesus with loaves and fishes, and wine jug included. And it's only $12.95!!! Hang on... I feel rage and anger at someone using my Lord and savior as a marketing tool. I think I should go out among humanity and kill, and burn, and destroy, just to show Christianity is a religion of peace and understanding... Oh, I'm sorry. I got my religions mixed up. Christians don't do that. My bad. 6. The Christopher Reeve Game. Like the old Moon Lander Game from the 80's, but with now dead Superman Christopher Reeve. What? Christopher Reeve is dead? Here's a tribute. I have just punched my ticket to hell with the link above. 7. Old, but still funny. It's Strategery-rific. 8. It's so nice to be a white, upwardly mobile, guy. But someone shoot me if they ever hear stuff like this coming from my mouth. Actually, some of the words are funny. But I credit really smart Wall Street types for those. 9. I blame the acid in the Dr. Pepper for this site: Alien-abduction-lotus blossoms-muscle-man-creepy-space-dude-and-Planet-of-the-Apes. My head hurts now.


Blogger Mike said...

super action jesus is a take off from the buddy christ line of action figures in the kevin smith movies. you can actually buy the buddy christ and support a much better cause

decent movies tha dont suck being made.

2/23/2006 09:38:00 AM  

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