Thursday, February 23, 2006

You're A Looney. New York Anti-War Concert

You'd think with Hollywood in the west, and New York in the east, a war protest concert on either coast would bring out the big guns. Richard Dreyfuss might be too worn out from attending the National Press Club in Washington recently to show up in New York for an "anti-war concert". He wasn't listed in the article as scheduled to appear, but he has a month to recuperate. I can understand if he misses the show... Saying Bush should be impeached, and trying to defend that statement without facts, or anyone to challenge your wild assertions must be very draining for such an accomplished thespian. The video of his looney statements are at the link above, and here. These remarks come from a man that declared himself at the Press Club event a "'libo-conservo-middle-of-the-roado,' and I have been for many years." Funny that Mr. Dreyfuss has, according to the Federal Election Commission, given donations only to liberal democrats and their groups: (Dianne Feinstein, Al Gore, John Kerry, and Barbara Boxer are just four of the 87 entries totaling over $41,000 from 1987 to present). Data Provided by the Federal Election Commission as of 2/13/06 Yeah Rich, 40K, all to democratic party members, is what I call being middle of the road-o. So what if Rich isn't scheduled to appear, there's still a stellar line-up of the biggest and brightest the left has to offer..... People like Cindy Ali-Hassan Sheehan, or Michael Stipe from REM. What's the frequency Michael? And where have you been over the last 15 or so years? Oh, I forgot, your music became irrelevant in 1992. Other big name stars include: Bright Eyes, Rufus Wainwright, Fischerspooner, Public Enemy's Chuck D, Devendra Banhart and Peaches (??????) And these people are... Who??? What happened? Green Day couldn't find time to show up? I'm going to take a wild guess that some groups will show up that are not mentioned in the article below. Those groups will include The Communist Party of America, ELF, Hamas (AKA death to Israel) supporters, and people selling sandwhiches and Che Guevara shirts from the back of their cars. There's also plenty of media coverage to promote this stink wagon. Well, actually the article only mentioned one. Janeane Garafalo will broadcast her Air America show "The Majority Report" from the concert. Janeane, you might want to think about renaming the show to something that reflects your listeners... How about the "Sweaty, Unshaven Armpit Report?" Or the "I Smell Like Cheese" report. Either title would cover you and your show as a whole. What you have now, using that title, and saying you are reporting for the majority, is laughable. Maybe Sheehan-istan will bring Hugo Chavez as her date. Just a bit of Air America's accounting difficulties are here. And the anti-whatever concert story in New York is here.


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