Thursday, March 09, 2006

Let Go My Link-o

A record today, I believe. Not one dirty link. 1. Rap CD designer. Is there some kind of program that teaches how to wear your pants around your ass too? Yo yo yo 2. Bwahahahahaaa. Here kitty, kitty, kitty. So wrong, but funny 3. I call shenanigans, but see for yourself. Rock balancing. When you snatch the pebble from my palm... 4. I didn't see any Beanie Babies, so there might be some hope. This guy is in need of serious help. 5. The complete Beatles. Every song ready for download. Since they're only ripped at 88kbps, you can't burn them to CDs, but they work well playing from your desktop. They sound pretty good too. The Beatles A side note: I thought Paul was dead... 6. More music. Johnette Napolitano and Concrete Blonde. There was a time when her voice was like cigarettes and whiskey in a trash-strewn alley in Deep Ellum at 3 am. Maybe you'd turn your head to look when walking by because it's just cold enough that you caught, out of the corner of your eye, a grey fogged breath highlighted in streetlamp white, coming from her mouth as she starts screaming the words to a song.... (I kind of like that image. Maybe I should write this stuff for a living.) Anyway... She's now a goofy freak living in some commune in the mountains using the Concrete Blonde website to moan about the evil war, praising the green party, and saying Bush is dumb... You know... the normal left coast stuff. But it is a free streaming 1+ hour concert, and another at about 45 minutes. Since I'm a capitalist above all other things, free is fine with me.

This probably would have been really good show 10 years ago, but time doesn't stop. Concert #1

Concert #2 In case you are wondering, here's a then picture: and a now picture: She went from screw the world, to save it. 7. Staying on a music theme: Your band pictures suck! Except for the soccer moms on page 6, picture #154. Mmmmmm, soccer moms Also, look for the little green image on pictures. That band has a downloadable MP3.... Not that you'd really want to, but you can. 8. Wow!!! Ok, look... If you rape someone, you deserve this... But I'm in serious doubled over pain even thinking about it. Some kind of anti-James Bond device ************************************* Finally, one for Stephanie, who owes me an elevator story someday. 9. Tiger farts. Because (again) farts are funny, especially when they come from someone like Tiger Woods. (Second video) Fo Shizzle (Listen just after he starts to walk off)


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