Monday, March 06, 2006

Bits And Pieces

My Rants. Just general odds and ends. 1. Former Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour's new CD On An Island is pure crap. And I had such high hopes. Isn't it funny how a band like Pink Floyd could do no wrong even when Waters left? They sounded almost the same, and their stage show was almost the same. But some of the anger left with Waters. The only thing that kept Floyd together was the "I'm so stoned" blues sound of Gilmour and his guitar. That was 99% on the mark, and just enough to make up for Roger's absence. But it's not enough here. Am I impressed by Gilmour's Clapton-esque slowhand moves with the guitar? The answer is yes, and I always have been. Am I impressed with his voice? Well........ Reflecting back on the past and hoping for the same future is not the way to approach this CD, but how can you not expect that from a member of one of the most influential bands of all time? This is the first solo Gilmour CD in 18 years, so you think he'd have a little more to offer. Apparently not. Granted, I've only listened to this CD twice, and twice seems to be my limit. Usually on a second listening, I find something that will grab me. It almost happened...... But not quite. The guitar solos stand out (as they always do) but the rest just doesn't appeal to me in any way. Believe me, I've tried. But listening a third time may put me in a coma. As I said, the guitar work is still strong as ever, but something tells me the voice is failing... How can it still be as strong as it was in 1970? It can't. That's not a bad thing for a guitar player, but it can act as a detriment to a guitar player and singer. If Mr. Gilmour had made a instrumental album focusing on his talents as a guitarist, and used the same songs, my rating and praise would be so much higher. I'm sorry to say something doesn't seem right with the content. This CD is very personal. That is a problem. From what I understand, Gilmour's (wife, associate, partner, whatever) wrote the majority of the songs. For David, I guess that's alright. For me as a fan of his music, it's not. The songs are nothing more than willowy and breathy pinings. David Crosby and Graham Nash (of Crosby, Stills, & Nash fame) add harmony on the title track. While it's a nice touch, it can't save the rest of the album. I thought about this song a few weeks back when it fist came out. Usually you realease your strongest material to generate some buzz. My first thought after hearing it was: "And what else?????" If that was Mr. Gilmour's strongest material, this CD would head down the toilet fast. Maybe I'm being too judgemental and should blame his wife for the weakness. But if the boat goes down, you usually look toward whoever the captain is. In this case I'm guessing Mr. Gilmour had enough pull to do whatever he wanted, and he should receive all the blame. I suppose it's inevitable to feel let down by the end product because you've secretly wanted Dark Side of the Moon Part 2 for the last 20 years. How can you not dream of that after seeing all of Pink Floyd together for Live 8? I should have known better than expect something as grandiose as that! But my question to Mr. Gilmour (and Mr. Waters for that matter) is this: Is your downfall simply the result of a desire to distance yourself from what paid the rent for 30 years? Or is it fading into soft middle age with all the money coming from royalty checks that drives off the hunger you once had? I have a name for this; it's called "McLennon Disease." Paul and John were perfect with the Beatles, but rarely showed signs of their former glory as solo acts. The album checklist: (General preachings on relationships: Check. Slower than slow, dirge-like wispy-voiced tunes: Check. Glad I downloaded this off usenet instead of putting down $15: Double Check). This one rates a C- at best. 2. Mockingbirds. The state bird of Texas needs to be killed because it sings at night. Any bird that's insane enough to sing all night deserves to get a bb up their ass. I did a little research and found out it was not only a crime to kill one (I knew that), but also a crime to harass them. Oh yeah? Try and catch me. If they happen to nest in any tree on my property, they belong to me. I also found out that it's a male singing at night trying to find a mate. Guess what you little bastard, if I can't find one..... I'm not going to loose sleep over you not having any luck either. It's hard to bump talons if you're dead. So shut the hell up! My hope is they are kept awake during the day from general racket going on. A few examples of why they must be destroyed are here: (wav files) EVIL, EVIL, and EVIL!!!!!!! And that's only three songs. They actually learn more... I've read they can learn up to 200. Imagine laying in bed with that racket going on at 2 in the morning. Thank God for bb guns and sling shots. I'd use the shotgun, but I don't think my neighbors would like it.... Not that a shotgun blast is any louder than a mockingbird!!! 3. Words I don't like: A. Applicator: Just sounds gay. B. Pustule: Very ALIEN. C. Reservoir: Reminds me of condoms. It also sounds very french. Not good. More later if I feel like it.


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