Thursday, March 09, 2006

A-ho Of The Day-o

General political ranting... WWJCD? What Would Jimmy (Insufferable sanctimony draped in a cardigan sweater) Carter Do? (I love that description, by the way) So, what would JC do if faced with the problems of the Mid-east today? Answer: He'd run screaming like a schoolgirl. Either that or he'd be impotent on any action. A sniveling little mole like Ross Perot can get his people out of Iran, but you sit idle for 444 days? Oh yeah... I forgot you sent a couple of helicopters for a rescue... That failed, so nothing else was done. That is some serious leadership skills you showed us Jim'ah. And from that brilliant show of force, we should listen to you concerning current affairs of state? Please. JC believes we should withdraw from Iraq. JC said it again the other night (link below). JC apparently also believes his opinion matters a damn. I've said it before, but it bears repeating: As a former president, you have several responsibilities. The three big responsibilities include: A) Promoting the U.S. in the best possible light. Whether it's tourism, goodwill tours, or business opportunities, your job is to represent the U.S. as the only country in the world worth a damn... politely. B) Not slamming current (or former) administrations or their policies in public. Doing so makes you look like a whining child. It also shows an uneven front to the world. Leave that to the current crop of politicians in Washington since that's what they go there for in the first place; and both sides play a good game. But you, as a president, have a duty to stand a little taller than the common folk. There's also a good chance you don't have the first clue in hell about what is going on, other than what your handlers tell you. What your handlers tell you may be false, or seriously out of date. There's a reason national security matters are secure. Generally you keep them out of the hands of those who don't need them. I'm sure the former presidents have some security clearance, but I'm also assuming that means Ford, Carter, Clinton (the less masculine one), and Bush 1 are out of the loop on what the Daily Threat Analysis says unless Bush 2 tells them. So that says to me Carter knows jack about what's happening now, and has no credibility when deciding, or trying to influence national policy while not president. C) Shutting your hole on everything else! You are nothing more than an ambassador once you leave the White House. You should be watching for election fraud in some backwater piss-hole, and building Habitrails for Humanity to show the world what a kind Christian heart you have. But stay away from rabbits. They bite.... And swim. Comfy Carter Cardigan


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