Tuesday, March 07, 2006

LL Cool Link

1. At least you know they probably put out on the first date... The Herpes People. Kind of like the Pod People, but with more flavor. 2. Americans aren't fat... We just require more room to.... be free.... Yeah, that's it.

Johnny was a big big man

3. This guy is real? I thought it was a joke. He's also a sex offender, and a midget! What a trifecta! Midget Pervert 4. Every single "dumb human" video in one series. I'm partial to the slow motion legs bending the wrong way. Others may appreciate the smackdowns or skateboard mishaps. I'm not a proponent of Darwin, but you have to admit, Charles should have been around to watch some of these. (Warning: Some language at the end) Darwin's Video of Stupidity (#5 is probably not safe for work. Some words.) 5. Well, she should have no reason to say no now! Mmmmmm Tasty! 6. The weather is nice enough. I need to mow my yard and start gardening. Some plants would be a good idea... Sexy Pods 7. Now I know why there are so many riots at soccer.... I mean European football games. Ashlee Simpson doesn't hold a candle to these fine people (#8 is really not safe for work. Audio) 8. If you never heard it... Pat O'Brien's coked-out voicemails. This gets very uncomfortable. Pat wants to love you. Just stay away from his mustache!


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