Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Crush Your Enemies, See Them Driven Before You, And Hear The Lamentations Of Their Links

1. From the makers of the most disturbing flash video ever (here it is from a week ago,) comes something not quite as disturbing, but disturbing enough to make you question the sanity of the guy who made it. Remember, always question authority and sanity. Video is here.

2. Funny. Who says we can't poke fun at ourselves. I wouldn't go with Bush though... I'd say Cheney or Rove is the one looking for Sarah Connor.

3. This headline makes me laugh.

(#4: Keep the volume down. Some language) 4. Dumbass! They should hire that guy for the Vonage commercials.

(#5 isNot Safe For Work) Bad words, not acts. Download it anyway. You know you want to...)

5. I don't know why, but this cracks me up. It's like that old Quiznos ad but with a 1/4 more insanity.

6. Robert Plant, Debbie Boone, and AC/DC together? Let them sing your words here. (Not safe for work. Words again) 7. Somebody will be looking for a new job soon. Don't you love live television?


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